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How to Register and get Listed


If you are not already registered for our directory/website you will need to register by clicking the registration button which is located on the home page to the upper right corner of the website. You can also log on or register by clicking on the “Dashboard” which is located below the map, to the right on the home page. You will be asked for a User Name and your Email. Your PASSWORD will be emailed to you. If you don’t initially see your password, please check your SPAM folder. If for some reason you still don’t see your password, please email us and we will send it to you. You will be able to change your password to your choosing after you log in with generated password.

Once you are logged into the site, you can now list your business listing! Start by going to the top of the website and click on “submit listing”. After you click the “submit listing” link, you will be directed to the the various membership packages (Bronze, Sliver, Gold). Each membership package is for a year. Each year that membership package will be renewed until you cancel it. Pick the package that works for you. The difference in the packages are the “number of listings”, “number of images”, “number of postings” that you would like to utilize.

Once you select your membership package, you will then have to decide which “category” you want your business listing to be listed in. The “category” is what visitors use to find you so it is important to pick the “category” that best describes your business because that will benefit your business and give your business more exposure. The “Gold Package” gives you the most exposure because you can pick multiple “categories”!

Once you select your membership package and category you continue putting your address, your website, your phone number, and a description of your business/background.

Once you are finished inputting all your pertinent information pertaining to your business hit the “payment button” which will allow you to pay with your credit card. After your payment goes through, your business listing will be listed. If you don’t like your listing or want to edit it, you can edit it as much as you want by logging in and changing whatever you need!

If you would like us to input your business listing information for you, we can accommodate! Simply go through the process mentioned above, make sure you input all the required information, and click the submit button for payment. We will then go in and change the “listing” per your instructions and with whatever information, listing information that you email to us.


For an additional fee, you can have your “business listing” featured on the Home page of the site. By becoming a FEATURED listing you are gaining more exposure with your picture and business listing for all visitors to see soon as they visit the website!